The Big Swing Night @ Leapin’ Lindy 12 – From The DJ Perspective

Instead of writing a ‘normal' event review like I did last year (check out The Big Swing Night @ Leapin' Lindy 11), I thought I'm writing about this night from the perspective of the Swing DJ. The Biggest Swing Party in Switzerland Last weekend (February 8-10, 2012), the popular Lindy Hop weekend Leapin' Lindy 12 was happening in Switzerland's capital Berne. Currently, the Big Swing Night on Saturday is the biggest Swing Dance Party in Switzerland. Many key points were similar to last year's edition: Location: Kultur-Casino Bern, Great Hall Dancers: 700+ Band: Gordon Webster 7 feat. Naomi Uyama DJ: Swing DJ Chrisbe (that's […]

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Shim Sham Flash Mobs in Bern

Last Saturday, 15. October 2011, the Lindy Hop association Swing Machine in Bern Switzerland organized two flash mobs at the train station in the middle of the city. Here are the two clips: Shim Sham No. 1 Shim Sham No. 2 I especially like Shim Sham No. 1 because of the location. The destination board in the background is quite impressive. Which one is your favourite? Actually, we should also organize swing flash mobs in Zürich!

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Balboa in Bern mit Marcia & Chris – 2. Juli 2011

Balboa in Bern mit Marcia und Chris

The Swingmachine Proudly Presents: Balboa in Bern mit Marcia Bodenmann & Christian Bossert Ort: Progr, Kleiner Saal (3. OG), Speichergasse 4, Bern Balboa-Workshop Intermediate/Advanced Zeit: 14.00-16.45h Vorkenntnisse: ab ca. 1 Jahr Balboa-Erfahrung Kosten: CHF 50/40 (2 x 75 Min.) Workshop Basics fuer Balboa-Neulinge Zeit: 17.00-18.00h Vorkenntnisse: keine oder wenig Balboa-Erfahrung Kosten: CHF 25/20 Balboa-Party mit DJ Chrisbe Zeit: 21.00-1.00h Eintritt ohne Workshop: CHF 5; Workshop-Teilnehmer: gratis Info & Anmeldung: Susie Trenka: sue_blue [at], 076 377 82 63 Foto: Jürg Waldmeier, Zürich If you like this event please click LIKE below – or share or retweet this post. Thank you!

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