Happy Frankie 99

For Frankie Manning's 99th birthday, Ewa Burak and Lennart Westerlund choreographed the Global 99 Choreo and the Frankie Manning Foundation asked the worldwide swing dance scene to send a clip of that choreography from their hometown. Global 99 Choreo from Zürich Switzerland A group of dancers from Zürich filmed that clip at the weekly open-air event Bürklihop, which is happening every Thursday evening during the summer months. Filmed and edited by Stefan Deuber. Check out The Frankie Manning Birthday Blog for all the other contributions.

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DJ Chrisbe’s Song of the Week #143: Splanky

"Let's Do The Hop" Frankie Manning

With “Let's Do The Hop” – a compilation of songs closely linked to Frankie Manning – the Cologne/Germany based group “Hop Spot” just released a non-profit CD. 100% of the profit from selling this CD goes directly to the Frankie Manning Foundation. I've chosen Dawn Hampton's selection for the CD “Splanky” as our Song of the Week. George Gee Swing Orchestra On “Let's Do The Hop”, the version of this Count Basie classical is performed by the George Gee Swing Orchestra. Without Count Basie, there wouldn't be a George Gee Swing Orchestra, though: His college radio show was a huge hit! […]

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30 Week Lindy Hop Challenge: Favorite Classic Clip

Every Friday for thirty weeks, I will write about a topic from the list of the “30 Week Lindy Hop Challenge“. We're reaching the middle of the series. Week #15: Classic Clip “A Day At The Races” Beside Hellzapoppin (who would have thought it?…), there's another classic clip I can watch again and again: That's a very lively clip, there's so much going on. I love Ivie Anderson, the dancing fat man is cult and of course the inspiring Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, although without Frankie Manning! It was another group of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers dancing in this clip. At that time, Frankie […]

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30 Week Lindy Hop Challenge: Your Favorite Instructor

30 Week Lindy Hop Challenge on Shuffle Projects

Every Friday for thirty weeks, I will write about a topic from the list of the “30 Week Lindy Hop Challenge“. Here is my topic of this week Week #8: Instructors, who have inspired me a lot There is no such thing as a favorite instructor. They all are different. Some of them I adore, some of them I don't like that much. That's normal, isn't it? So, how should I choose THE one. Impossible, at least to me. Therefore, I'm going to tell you, who of the instructors inspire/d me most and why. Johnny Lloyd Johnny was my first Lindy […]

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DJ Chrisbe’s Song of the Week #98: Wednesday Night Hop

DJ Chrisbe's Song of the Week #98: Wednesday Night Hop by Andy Kirk

I have to bring this song, it's too good, although it might be a little bit overplayed right now, especially on the Balboa dance floors. Well, some of you might know the song from “Lindy Chorus“, a routine choreographed by Frankie Manning. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is an example of “Lindy Chorus” from 2011: Now what's the song? It's Wednesday Night Hop by Andy Kirk. Andy Kirk took over Terrence Holder's Dark Clouds Of Joy in 1928, renamed it first in Andy Kirk and his Dark Clouds Of Joy and then Andy Kirk and his Twelve […]

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Documentary: The Call Of The Jitterbug

YouTube is full of surprises. Again and again you can discover new clips and documentaries about Swing dancing. Yesterday, I've found (via Facebook) a documentary from 1988 about Lindy Hop, uploaded by “sabinoson”. The Call Of The Jitterbug A film by Jesper Sorensen, Vibeke Winding and Tana Ross. Edited by Rachel Reichman. Featured among others are Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, George Lloyd and Mama Lu Parks.

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The Savoy King – Feature Documentary Is Finished!

As announced today on the Facebook Page, “THE SAVOY KING: Chick Webb and the Music That Changed America” is finally finished! THE SAVOY KING is a feature documentary about the Swing-era drummer-bandleader Chick Webb, Ella Fitzgerald, and Harlem's Savoy Ballroom. I'm really looking forward to seeing this documentary! CLIP: “Ella Fitzgerald Vignette” This is a clip from the new feature film. Interviews with Norma Miller, Frankie Manning and Van Alexander, among others! Produced by Jeff Kaufman of Floating World Pictures Edited by Jamal El-Amin Graphics Wizard: Patrick Connelly Post-production Supervisor: Alita Renée Holly Link: Website The Savoy King Related Posts: […]

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Happy Birthday, Frankie Manning!

Today, Frankie Manning – the Ambassdor of Lindy Hop – would have turned 97. Happy Birthday Frankie, we all miss you! Are you new to this blog? Then I would like to welcome you and take the chance to spotlight the posts about Frankie Manning I have published so far. One year ago I was running a Frankie Manning week and published five posts in a row, here they are: 24 May 2010: DJ Chrisbe's Song of the Week #12: Shiny Stockings One of Frankie Manning's favourite swing songs. Written by Frank Foster, performed by Count Basie Orchestra. 25 May […]

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