WhatStep – Your Dance Move Assistant App: The Story

WhatStep Dance Move Assistant App

This is a guest post by my friend Roger Schmidlin. He created a dance move assistant app for your mobile called WhatStep. So, let's jump into it. How It Began My name is Roger Schmidlin and I have been Lindy Hoppin’ for over 20 years. I even ran my own dancing school in Perth, Australia. On my path, I have been to lots of workshops and dancing classes. But I had one big problem: I could not retain all these new learned moves in my head. I tried to write them down, but after a while I had no clue […]

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Stefan Deuber übernimmt Downtownswing ab Januar 2014


In ihrem Newsletter von gestern Dienstag hat Ursula Ledergerber mitgeteilt, dass sie ihre Tanzschule Downtownswing aus familiären Gründen per Januar 2014 abgibt. Stefan Deuber wird die Gesamtverantwortung und Organisation von Downtownswing übernehmen. Der Kursbetrieb wird mit kleinen Anpassungen wie gewohnt weitergehen und Ursula wird auch selber ihre Kurse weiterhin unterrichten.  Shuffle Projects gibt Balboa Kursorganisation ab Um Ursula zu entlasten, hatte ich im August 2010 mit Shuffle Projects die Balboa Kursorganisation und -adminstration im Downtownswing übernommen. Stefan ist wie ich ein begeisterter Balboa-Tänzer und stark in der Balboaszene verankert. Damit die Kommunikation wieder einheitlicher wird, gebe ich die Balboa Kursorganisation […]

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After 3 Years and 300 Posts: Back To The Roots

3 years - 300 posts

Hey gang! It's crazy. Three years ago, Shuffle Projects (the blog) was born in Sydney Australia. Happy Birthday Shuffle Projects! 300 posts later, it's still existing and that surprises myself the most. When I started Shuffle Projects (the blog), there were not many blogs about Swing dancing, they almost could be counted on the fingers of one hand. That has completely changed over the last few years. The fact that there are countless Swing dance blogs nowadays made me think a lot about my own one and that's why there will be some changes from today on. But before I […]

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Swing DJ Resources has been launched!

Swing DJ Resources Launched

In August 2011, I started “DJ Chrisbe's Swing DJ Resources Email List” to share my knowledge and my ideas about Swing DJ'ing. Although my goal was to send out one or two emails per month, it never went that far. I realized pretty soon – I asked each of my subscribers what they are interested in – that this is not the right medium to do it, there must be a hub instead. A hub where everyone can just take what he or she needs about Swing DJ'ing: Some need basics in DJ skills Some would love to know more about […]

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End-Of-Year Review 2011

End Of Year Review 2011 | Shuffle Projects

After the first end-of-year review at the end of 2010, I decided to write another one for 2011. There are two reasons for that: I can wrap up the year and summarize what was happening here during 2011 for myself but also for you It helps me to set goals for 2012. We all need goals, don't we? 🙂 Some Personal Thoughts Before I start with the summary, I would like to write down some personal thoughts about Shuffle Projects The Blog (Shuffle Projects is actually the head label for all my activities in the swing world, that's why I […]

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And the Winners are…

This is going to be a short post. I asked you for your help to improve this website and give me thereto your feedback. And here are the winners of a CD “Live in Philadelphia” by Gordon Webster: Suse from Switzerland Dörte from Germany Giovanni from Italy Thank you guys for your feedback! You'll shortly receive the CD. I hoped for some more comments, but based on the many Facebook Likes I suppose you're pleased with the content so far ;-). Alreet, thanks again to be part of my community. Keep on swinging and have a great Sunday! Photo credit: […]

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One Year Anniversary! Help Me To Improve This Website

One Year Anniversary Shuffle Projects

One Year Shuffle Projects – The Blog My first post “For Swing Lovers” (in German) went live on 1st March 2010. This was the starting point of a new project. At the beginning I thought I will publish most of the content in German and some in English – but it changed immediately, most of the posts are in English now. I enjoy having so many international visitors on the blog and I hope you consider my Swinglish as a style :-). Redesign I just accomplished one of my goals for this year (see “End-Of-Year-Review 2010“): last night I published […]

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A Short Note by a Newly Minted Father

As you may have heard or read I'm now a father of a son, since one month to be precisely. His name is Sidney Miro and you can guess where we got the inspiration from… Well, that's the reason why I'm not that active right now on this blog. I'm still far away from a daily routine, so it's pretty difficult to find enough time for oneself or let's say, to get one hour in a row to attend to something! The series Song of the Week will be continued as usual: on Mondays I'll post a new one. And […]

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