Herrang Dance Camp 2012 – Promotional Video

Herrang Dance Camp 2012 - Promotional Video 30th Anniversary | Shuffle Projects

30 Years Herräng Dance Camp Herrang Dance Camp (HDC) will celebrate the 30th anniversary in 2012. Just today, the promotional video was released. The video was produced by ReelMacoy Herrang Dance Camp 2012 will happen from 30th June – 4th August. The registration will start today, register at http://herrang.com. I can't wait to be back in Herräng and I'm sure this anniversary edition will be especially unique! Related Posts: Staff DJ at Herräng Dance Camp 2011

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One Year Anniversary! Help Me To Improve This Website

One Year Anniversary Shuffle Projects

One Year Shuffle Projects – The Blog My first post “For Swing Lovers” (in German) went live on 1st March 2010. This was the starting point of a new project. At the beginning I thought I will publish most of the content in German and some in English – but it changed immediately, most of the posts are in English now. I enjoy having so many international visitors on the blog and I hope you consider my Swinglish as a style :-). Redesign I just accomplished one of my goals for this year (see “End-Of-Year-Review 2010“): last night I published […]

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