Spotify has arrived in Switzerland – No more in Disguise!

Spotify has arrived in Switzerland | Shuffle Projects

Today is a good day and I finally can come out of hiding. This is a little bit cryptic, I know! I tell you the story. Two years ago – at Herrang Dance Camp – I signed up with Spotify by using a Swedish address. I just took the address of the Chicago swing dance studio in Stockholm. Thanks guys! 馃檪 At that time, Sweden (where Spotify is located) was one of the few countries with access. Now, the problem was I couldn't get a paid account! When I tried to register my credit card (or PayPal account) it was […]

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How to Organize Music in iTunes. Part 3: Smart Playlists

How to Organize Music in iTunes. Part 3: Smart Playlists | Shuffle Projects

I have the feeling that many iTunes users still don't know how powerful Smart Playlists (for my German speaking readers: Intelligente Wiedergabelisten) are. When Apple introduced them many years ago, I was immediately hooked and it changed the way how I organize and sort music forever. To really benefit from the flexibility of Smart Playlists, you need a good system of pre-organizing your music with tags, BPM and ratings. If you missed these posts, please check out part 1: Tagging and part 2: BPM & Rating of the series “How to Organize Music in iTunes” before you read further. Now, […]

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How to Organize Music in iTunes. Part 2: BPM & Rating

Thank you so much for all the comments and emails you have sent me after publishing part 1: Tagging in iTunes. I'll post some of the ideas I've got from my readers in a wrap-up post after this small series is finished. So, let's start with part two. We need two more parameters to have an idea about the music in our library: the tempo of the song and a personal rating system. Detecting BPM (Beats Per Minute) As you know, the tempo is defined in BPM or beats per minute. Detecting BPM is manual work and it takes a […]

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How to Organize Music in iTunes. Part 1: Tagging

How To Organize Music in iTunes: Tagging | Shuffle Projects

Note: This is a post especially for the subscribers of my Swing DJ Resources Email List. Some of these posts won't be public in future. So, if you would like to receive ALL the posts, then sign up now in the side bar on the right side or at the end of this post. Nowadays, tags are very common to organize or sort all kind of information. In marked contrast to many different software products, which allow us to set all kind of tags, iTunes still doesn't provide a tagging system to organize music and media. This is part 1 […]

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Great Music Sources For Swing DJs

Where to find new music? Where to get inspiration from? This is a frequent asked question. Here is my compilation of great sources for Swing DJs and everybody else who is looking for Swing music. Please let me know, if you miss something here. I'm more than happy to add more sources to the list! Note: the list is organized alphabetically, not by preference. Forum Swing DJs The must forum for every Swing DJ! Podcasts Confessing The Blues A podcast dedicated to Blues, which started in August 2009 and ended one year later. The episodes are still available. Hey Mr. […]

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