Happy Frankie 99

For Frankie Manning's 99th birthday, Ewa Burak and Lennart Westerlund choreographed the Global 99 Choreo and the Frankie Manning Foundation asked the worldwide swing dance scene to send a clip of that choreography from their hometown. Global 99 Choreo from Zürich Switzerland A group of dancers from Zürich filmed that clip at the weekly open-air event Bürklihop, which is happening every Thursday evening during the summer months. Filmed and edited by Stefan Deuber. Check out The Frankie Manning Birthday Blog for all the other contributions.

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30 Week Lindy Hop Challenge: Styling

Styling: Walt Disney & Animators in the 1920s

Every Friday for thirty weeks, I will write about a topic from the list of the “30 Week Lindy Hop Challenge“. Today, I'm posting another picture. Week #17: My favorite vintage style picture This is my favorite vintage style picture ever, found on Bobby White's blog Fine & Dandy. I own a pair of original (scratchy wool!) knickerbockers from the 1930s myself and that's exactly how I would like to combine them: with patterned stockings and a sweater tucked into the pants. « Previous: #16 Photo of you dancing » Next: #18 That move you love

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Watch the full one hour documentary Cab Calloway: Sketches

Documentary Cab Calloway: Sketches

Cabell “Cab“ Calloway (Dec. 25, 1907 – Nov. 18, 1994) ranked among the most famous black stars in the 1930s, a charismatic and unique performer. He was a jazz vocalist, dancer and bandleader of one of the most popular African American big bands during the Harlem Renaissance and jazz and swing eras of the 1930s-40s. Calloway was also an ambassador for his race, leading one of the most popular African American big bands during the Harlem Renaissance and jazz and swing eras of the 1930s-40s, with Harlem’s famous Cotton Club as his home stage. Best known for his “Hi de hi de […]

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Documentary: The Call Of The Jitterbug

YouTube is full of surprises. Again and again you can discover new clips and documentaries about Swing dancing. Yesterday, I've found (via Facebook) a documentary from 1988 about Lindy Hop, uploaded by “sabinoson”. The Call Of The Jitterbug A film by Jesper Sorensen, Vibeke Winding and Tana Ross. Edited by Rachel Reichman. Featured among others are Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, George Lloyd and Mama Lu Parks.

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Documentary “The Unforgettable Hampton Family” on YouTube

Documentary "The Unforgettable Hampton Family" on YouTube | Shuffle Projects

Some of you who attended Herrang Dance Camp last summer, had the opportunity to watch the documentary “The Unforgettable Hampton Family“, together with Dawn Hampton in person. The interest was appropriately high and the library, where it was shown, fully packed. At the end of September, buddhaboogie, better known as big band leader George Gee, published the documentary on his YouTube channel. The documentary celebrates the Hamptons, a talented African-American family who overcame poverty and prejudice to build successful musical careers. The Unforgettable Hampton Family is a production of BetterThanFiction Productions for WNET. Produced, written and directed by Julie Cohen. […]

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Random Clips on Friday: Collegiate Shag

Random Clips on Friday: Collegiate Shag | Shuffle Projects

I have the feeling that there is an increasing interest in Collegiate Shag. Do you know how Collegiate Shag looks like? Here are two clips. Arthur Murray's Collegiate Shag (1937) A compilation with a demonstration of basics of Double Collegiate Shag, a showcase of several dancers and an evening group routine performance. Collegiate Shag by the San Francisco Jitterbugs A mixture of contempary Collegiate Shag dance scenes and some from the clip above. The History of Collegiate Shag Check out this website if you wanna learn more about the history of Collegiate Shag. The front article on the website is […]

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Happy Birthday, Frankie Manning!

Today, Frankie Manning – the Ambassdor of Lindy Hop – would have turned 97. Happy Birthday Frankie, we all miss you! Are you new to this blog? Then I would like to welcome you and take the chance to spotlight the posts about Frankie Manning I have published so far. One year ago I was running a Frankie Manning week and published five posts in a row, here they are: 24 May 2010: DJ Chrisbe's Song of the Week #12: Shiny Stockings One of Frankie Manning's favourite swing songs. Written by Frank Foster, performed by Count Basie Orchestra. 25 May […]

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Tribute to Frankie Manning (Video)

Frankie Manning Tribute Video

Two years ago today, Frankie Manning passed away. For all of us, who had the opportunity to meet and learn from Frankie, it bears repeating how inspiring he was. It's our task to spread Frankie's love for Lindy Hop and for any people! Here is another video clip I haven't shared with you so far: Related posts: Frankie Manning: Never Stop Swinging (Documentary) Frankie Manning “The King Of Swing”: Article on FLYP Hellzapoppin, Then and Now Clayzapoppin vs. Hellzapoppin Biographie Frankie “Musclehead” Manning – in German If you enjoyed this post please click LIKE below – or share or retweet […]

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